Spiritual Alignment:
the Effort Paradox

spiritual alignment through the effort paradox

Spiritual Alignment: the Effort Paradox

Today’s topic is the effort paradigm.

I started looking at the Effort Paradigm in the context of creating 2023 as our best year ever.

Future Now

  • Finish May 2023 Powerfully
  • Revisit December 31 Future-Now Plan
  • Plan June 2023 Projects
  • Proceed with a way of being

Stopping Self-Sabotage

  • a Survival Skill
  • Great Expectations
  • the Blame/Shame Game
  • Competency End Self-Sabotage

Mindset Matters

  • Inherently — Fixed Mindset
  • Problem solvers — Growth Mindset
  • Solution focus — Spiritual Mindse

The Paradox

  • Working smarter, not harder.
  • Discover, then honor your Spirit’s Intent.
  • Thrive (Living happily ever after).

Takeaway: Spirit is Energy

Learn to embrace Effort, Effortlessly. Plan, Act, Bless, Leave.

Learn to know, and trust your knowing.

May 28, 2023

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