February 9, 2024

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🫶 Toxic Attractors

Do you find yourself attracting toxic people all the time?

You’re not alone. Empaths, Highly Sensitive Persons, and Intuitive Feelers are magnets for toxic personality types.

This phenomenon is as old as time itself. But what can we change this?

Because Super Bowl VLIII is happening this Sunday, let’s see how Old Souls can win this rivalry. “We Are The Champions” by Queen starts playing in the background.

GRAB BAG — 20/20 Hindsight

Escape the chains of your past to blaze a trail to your future of your own creation.

Observerational Progression:

  1. Spiritual Bias
  2. Awareness Expectancy
  3. Intuitive EXCELerator

It’s in there.

What you ask? — all that eludes you.

Be still and rediscover your place in the universe.

Sunday we show you how to EXCELerate causing a reality of your own creation.

Join the fun via zoom at 07:30 or 11:30 AM, PST

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Spring Retreats Registration Now Open

2024 Spring Spiritual Retreats promise participants will walk away knowing three things:

  1. Undeniable proof of your psychic gifts.
  2. A direct connection with at least one of your spirit guides or teachers.
  3. A personal connection with members of our Spirit360 Community.
  • San Diego Area RetreatApril 11 to 14
    • Registration Opens February 6th – 29th
    • 1 Double Occupancy Spot Remaining
    • Training Only Registrations Still Available
  • Chicago Area RetreatRescheduled to Fall

🫶 The Rules of the Game

Unlike a football game with written rules enforced by judges, umpires, and referees, life is a game where we learn as we go and officiate ourselves. Still, most of us have abdicated this responsibility.

As for a rule book, there are very few rules; one is Like Attracts Like, or as commonly known, the Law of Attraction, states that your energy or vibrations (your spiritual essence) attract like minds and kindred spirits into your lives.

The law of attraction is the source of the toxic people you keep attracting, but not in the way you think. More on this later.

🫶 Scouting the Opposition

First, it’s essential to understand toxic behavioral signs are energetic, not physical, allowing our physical senses’ delusions to overshadow our more subtle intuitive warnings. In hindsight, we typically recall some tale signs of toxicity we ignored due to physical attractiveness.

Just as a football team studies its opponents, intuitive awareness of energetic alarms identifies and intercepts toxic influences before they infiltrate your life. But only if you’re mindful enough to take notice.

🫶 A Strong Defense

The best defense is a potent offense.

Learning to say no is the best way to avoid future troubles. During every Sunday gathering, we mention how the future casts a shadow before itself, revealing a most probable future.

The offense is noticing the shadow and defending against it by noticing the forewarning and choosing actions aligned with your intention to avoid toxicity.

🫶 Empowerment Playbook

Spiritual awareness is the skill that stops toxic people from breaking through your defenses.

Football teams have playbooks and regularly practice the plays.

The Old Soul’s playbooks is simple, too simple for most:

  • Play 1: Stillness meditation (concentration & silence).
  • Play 2: Create and expand the eye of the storm, or that space of quiet receptivity and thinking tranquility that allows us to remain mindfully present.
  • Play 3: Develop spiritual awareness by mastering the psychic arts.
  • Play 4: Be assertive (appropriately so) in creating and defending your boundaries… especially when they’re cute.

Just like gridiron warriors, the empaths and HSPs who train will perform their best during this game of life we find ourselves playing.

🫶 Huddle Time

During a football game, the teams huddle with their teammates between plays to plan their subsequent actions.

For HSPs and empaths, we have our dream teams (our spirit-self and spirit guides and teachers). We call our huddle:


Stop the action. Drop into your awareness to reconnect with spirit. Then conjure an actionable decision, know it’s right, then act.

🫶 Victory is Yours

You win the game by catching the part of your energy that attracts toxic people.

The harsh truth about attracting toxic people is that some part of you is toxic. This personal toxicity can’t be discerned as toxicity in others because it’s the same vibration to which you’re blind.

Once spotted, you can see your toxicity blindspot and begin to spot the harmonious people you’re also attracting.

My friend, Spiritual awareness at this level is a game-changing life skill that ends distraction, empowers harmony, and honors your Spirit’s Intent.

Our Sunday Spiritualist Meetings connect our community of Old Souls for fellowship, spiritual guidance, and practical instruction every Sunday at 9:00 AM, Pacific Time.

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Sunday’s Topic: How to Handle Passive Aggressive People

the Spirit360 Fellowship gathers Sundays at 9:00 AM, Pacific Time.