February 23, 2024

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🫶 Are You a Toxic Empath?

Toxic empathy is a concept that describes an excessive emotional involvement where an individual over-identifies with someone else’s feelings to the point of taking them on as their own. This phenomenon goes beyond the typical empathetic response, which involves understanding and sharing another person’s feelings.

Empathy is typically positive, but a toxic empath can’t separate from their fascination with the connections and understandings between people, and toxic empathy can lead to negative consequences for empaths.

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🫶 Understanding Toxic Empaths

Toxic empaths become allergic to their empathetic gifts, triggering intense reactions that adversely affect the empath’s ability to function, often expressed as overwhelm, overstimulation, and paralysis.

🫶 Toxic Empaths May Experience

Absorbing Others’ Feelings: Individuals with toxic empathy don’t just mirror others’ emotions; they sense them, experiencing them as if they were their own.

Personal Neglect: This firehose of emotions from others can lead to a complete shutdown disguised as depression or anxiety, causing the empath to neglect their well-being and personal care.

Exhaustion (mental, physical, emotional): Constantly feeling responsible for others’ emotional burdens leads to a neverending cycle of exhaustion due to constant stress, anxiety, and panic.

Non-Existent Boundaries: The few toxic empaths who have communicated clear boundaries rarely enforce them, leading to anger, unfairness, and lack of appreciation.

🫶 Managing Toxic Empathy


Learn to detach: Distinguishing between your emotions and those of others is crucial. Setting boundaries can help support others while protecting your mental well-being.

Prevent Emotional Sabotage: Rewiring your body’s unconscious response to the emotions of others prevents an empath’s gifts from becoming toxic by mindfully noticing the feelings that arise in you and choosing to let them go.

Explicit Relationship Agreements: Healthy relationships involve a balance of give and take. Empaths typically feel their relationships are one-sided. It’s essential to communicate and set boundaries to meet your needs.

Spiritual Rehab: Besides working with a therapist, mastering the psychic and healing arts is the quickest way to develop tangible mindfulness skills and demonstrative self-awareness.

🫶 Spiritual Detox & Rehab

While being empathic is valuable, it’s essential to recognize that too much of anything can be toxic. Toxic empaths can lessen their emotional burnout, stress, and self-neglect by learning to discern between their stuff and the stuff of others.

Once trained in tangible awareness skills, empaths can set and enforce healthy boundaries, master self-awareness, and experience reciprocity in relationships while protecting themselves from overdosing on the effects of toxic empathy and maintaining a healthy balance between caring for others and caring for themselves.

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Sunday’s Topic: Spiritual Awakening — Part 2… Dazed & Awakened

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