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February 26, 2023

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Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Other Myths

Today we talk about Spiritual Relationship Myths that keep you stuck, lonely, and isolated, specifically Twin Flames and Soulmates.

You can’t scroll through social media without seeing some mention of people seeking their twin flames, twin blue flame, or soulmate.

Like most Spiritual Superstitions and Myths, these beliefs have a kernel of truth but fall short of the original truth when fully distinguished.

During one of our services on January 29, something happened that had me reconsider everything I understood about Spiritual Connections. But more about that later.

Spiritual insights and understanding can happen anytime and at any age.

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Spiritual Church Service Transcript

The Embrace

While pondering my experience of January 29, I was transported back to my first date with my bride, Amy.

It was in 2004 in South Laguna Beach, California, at Moss Point Cove. After walking down a long flight of steps, you find yourself next to a protected cover on the Pacific Ocean.

TnA twin flame - moss point coveAs a scuba diver, I visited Moss Point many times. I don’t recall why I wanted to bring Amy there on our date, but I’m glad I did.

After enjoying the view, we hugged.

We connected body, mind, and spirit during our embrace with no separation.

The similarity between my connection with Amy and my January 29 experience had me start rethinking romantic relationships, spiritual connections, and self-awareness.

I experienced a melding of body, mind, and spirit both times, with one big difference. One of the entities was on the spirit side.

To quote Bob Seeger, “We were in love, or not far from it.”

My Twin Flame? Soulmate?

But was Amy my Twin Flame? Maybe my Soulmate? Did something in our connection complete some missing part in me?

It didn’t feel right or ring true. But, after my January 29 experience, everything fell into place.

My connection with Amy was extraordinary, but it wasn’t until the Diet Coke incident that I knew she was the one. The diet coke incident sealed the deal.

Who knew the keys to my heart were the words, “diet Coke, easy ice with lemon?”

The Keys to My Heart

Amy and I stopped for a meal. At this point in my life, I drank a lot of diet Coke and liked them with easy ice and lemon. As I was paying, Amy took the soda cups to fill them when she looked at me over her shoulder, and asked, “diet coke, easy ice with lemon?,” with the exact tonality and inflection I used whenever I ordered.

Amy had been paying attention and showed attentiveness and caring by recreating my language.

Was I sure she wasn’t my Twin Flame or Soulmate?

Of that, I was sure, but at that moment, Amy demonstrated that she was indeed my True Companion.

twin flames - TnA Hall - soulmates“True Companion” is a song by a gentleman named Mark Cohen. In this song, my ideal partner was distinguished. I had been searching like everyone else…

I saw in Amy someone who cared enough to pay attention to something important to me, as mundane as a Diet Coke and how I prefer it, maybe my “True Companion.”

We were married within six months after our first embrace on Moss Point in Laguna South Laguna Beach in Orange County, California.

Spirit’s Embrace

Segue to the last Sunday in January.

I had just given a psychic mediumship message to a five-year-old boy.

I blessed him and was leaving his vibration. You can hear his mother thanking me for the message as I step out of their vibration and return to my own space when I had an embrace similar to what I experienced with Amy in 2004.

Let me show you my reaction to what happened with this short video clip.

Here is the transcript from that brief encounter:

“This is just a general message from Gene,

and he gave me this feeling of trust,

and I’ve not felt this in such a long time,

and this l this feeling. And when I said hug, he started giving this to me. And I’ve also often joked that Spirit loves us unconditionally, but they give crappy hugs. And he just gave me an.

That is so far from crappy. Wow. So I started this organization because each of us, without any doubt, can connect with our spirit guides and teachers and be blessed or anointed or gifted with their presence in our life to experience unconditional love.

Thank you all. It’s my firm intention that you learn how to connect with Spirit. Because I’ve been doing this since 1988, and this is the first time I’ve been this trusting to be open to Spirit and you all simultaneously. Usually, the closest I’ve come to this has been in the privacy of my practices, but man, that was one hell of a hug gene.

Thank you.

So I amend my past statements that Spirit gives goddamn good hugs.”

In the picture on the left-hand side of your screen is myself and Amy, and that’s Gene pictured behind us. So again, I’m amending my statement that it can be life-changing when we connect with Spirit using what I’m about to share with you.

Rediscovering Spirit

With proper training and practice, we rediscover Spirit, and rediscovering Spirit is what you just perceived and watched me experience a few weeks ago. It’s had a profound effect on me, as you can tell. I wasn’t expecting it, and the experience entirely moved me. This is very similar to my understanding when I connected with Amy.

When we rediscover Spirit, we start to connect spiritually with our spirit-selves. That intuitive part of our knowledge, that part of us that lives after this physical body, goes with proper training and a receptive mind that’s in control.

energy healing superpower - god isWe can connect with our spirit guides and teachers. And as we begin to connect with ourselves and our spirit guides and teachers, we open the spiritual eyes of our soul to the possibility of connecting with our enthusiasm, our spirit for living what it is to be a spiritual being.

Having a physical body experience that connects us with those things is spiritual.

Your Twin Flame

As you open the spiritual eyes of your soul and rediscover Spirit, you will find that your twin flame is indeed you. So you have this part within you, which is your Spirit. Then you have this part of you, which is your brain.

The Telephone Game

Your brain separates us with our physical senses from our spirit-self. So I think if you imagine the telephone game, and you know, telephone game is where, you know, you may have had it in kindergarten, first grade, maybe third grade, and the teacher whispered in someone’s ear, and then each person successively, whispered into the next person’s ear what they heard.

So you hear something, and then you whisper it, and then you get to the end, and the last person says out loud what they said, which is usually nothing near related to what the first person said.

And that’s what happens with most of our spiritual myths, most of our spiritual teachings. You hear something you don’t truly understand or comprehend, and then it moves you through some. On some level, you know it and then try to explain it.

And how you explain it differs from what the person originally intended to communicate. And this is how the myth of and superstition of twin flames happen. See, there’s this premise about twin flames and a lot of Spirit, a lot of physical experiences that there’s something incomplete with us, something is missing.

There’s some part of us that’s missing that if we meet the right person, if we learn the right thing, if we get enough money, if we call it the right job, if we get the proper training, the right car, the right house, it will complete us and then we can be happy. So when that’s not how it happens, you connect with this spiritual part of yourself, experience being whole, complete, and perfect directly, and then you start to experience what it is to connect with others.

Your Soulmate

The other part is, was Amy, my soulmate. And a soulmate is typically someone of the same gender. Suppose you’re if you’re both in the physical room because sex messes with Spiritual Connections. You know, I’ve had a lot of friendships that once sex got. Friendships can get messed up when sex enters the relationship. So now and then, you’ll have a friend you have sex with, and it’s great.

what is shame - new boss spiritual myth busters meet the bossBut too many times, this sexual connection, because it’s mainly in the instinctual realm, the physical realm, the non-spiritual existence of our being, is it messes with us spiritually. And as you open your soul’s spiritual eyes, you rediscover your Spirit. So you may find that not only is your soulmate, your, the same sex as you, or the same preferred sex as you, the same gender, but they also are and many times on spirit side.

Your Spirit Animals

And they are over there while you were over here doing what you’re doing, but they got your back. And the last one I want to talk about is spirit animals. And in the Native American tradition.

They would go out and have this mystical experience by almost dying. And in this state, between nearly dead and a little alive, they would have these visions and experiences.

functional spirituality - online spiritual churches at spirit360 fellowshipSometimes an animal would be there. Often, that animal would come from their subconscious and unconscious mind as a personification of what they incarnated to bring about. Now and then, it would come from Spirit. But the key to it is this. That spirit animal, whatever it is, is a manifestation of our awareness, not of some animal adopting us.

See, animals aren’t aware of themselves. They aren’t aware of you. You’re just part of their family. And this, especially as we go into the retreat when we’re going to have a lot of dark circles and a lot of spirit circles and a lot of messages circles, you’ll see animals in these spiritual circles, and invariably, every case they are projected by a spirit entity that likes them because they can’t conjure themselves on their own.

They don’t have the capacity for abstract thought. So spirit animals, spirit animals are manifestations of our minds and the projections of our spirit guides and teachers. So those are the three main areas I’ve seen. People have mischief with spiritual connections. They’re looking for a twins twin flame to complete them.

When the twin flame is within, they’re looking for a soulmate to create this idyllic partnership when the soulmate may very well be on the other side or is most likely of your same gender. And then you have all this mystical stuff around spirit animals, which are beautiful and convey a whole realm of experiences but are a manifestation of your mind and awareness or a projection of a spirit guide and teacher.

Spiritual Connections Begin Within

The spiritual connections we’re discussing, which you saw so beautifully represented in my Spiritual Connection with Gene at the end of January, are hidden behind this veil.

infinite intelligence - intuitive feelers find answers at spirit360 fellowship - how to become a spiritualistThe veils are delusion, mental blindspots, and barriers caused by our physical senses for us to transform spiritually.

And at that moment, I was stepping out of this young man’s vibration. So that veil was removed from my experience of being with you, doing what I do, and Gene and I got an incredible spirit embraced from one of the spirit entities I love and adore, who I happened to know when he was alive this last lifetime. So as we start to learn what there is to have a spiritual connection, it begins with three-part harmony between our body and.

And Spirit, which is how I describe entering the eye of the storm. So as we practice, as we become more present, as we become less attached to the way we think things are, the veil of delusion to perceive things as they are emotions calm, thoughts, quiet, we begin to open the door to spirit connection first with ourselves, then with others, and our, including our spirit guides and teachers, and that, my friends, is worth every minute of practice and study that you must do to get there. I am still determining what it will take for you, but whatever it takes is worth the price of admission.


So the takeaway from today’s topic about spiritual relationship myths, twin flame, soulmate spirit, animals, and all these other romantic romanticized ideals of these spiritual connections is you find it by learning to be still and be still. You will know once you know. Then you have an undeniable, indescribable experience, and uniquely your own.

Now that that spiritual connection you seek is in there, it’s already there. It’s like a candle with an ember glowing on the wick, waiting for you to give it some attention so the flame can spark back up.

It’s your job to find it. The way to find it is to do the spiritual growth and development practices that I have you do every Sunday, and we expand on them in our online classes.

360┬░ Spiritual Awareness

Then something magical happens. You have an experience of direct knowing, which you can’t explain any other way than it was some magical spiritual experience. Some call this enlightenment. We call it 360-degree Spiritual Awareness, which is our organization’s intention. So that each of us experiences this at our level of awareness and understanding and as we touch it and experience it.

We can start sharing with others, not by word, but by exemplifying our values and beliefs in our daily living and actions.

My highest blessings.

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