Jesus’ Ultimate Spiritual Awakening: Easter 2022

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Happy Easter 2022! Today we look at the the Spiritual Life of Jesus and his Ultimate Spiritual Awakening.

I find it interesting that it’s taken me so long to open my eyes to see that this is the perfect topic for an Independent Spiritualist Church. As an online metaphysical, non-denominational, spiritual community teaching Spiritualist as a philosophy, its principles and practices as the way to find Spiritual Solutions to Life’s Problems…

All I can say is DUH!

ultimate spiritual awakening banner - easter 2022

April 17, 2022 Online Spiritualist Church Services

Celebrating a Spiritualist Easter to help you EXCELerate your spiritual growth and development.

TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, is leading this Easter Service and helps you see for your self if Spiritualism is the best spiritual path for your journey this lifetime and more specifically if Spirit360 Fellowship is the best place to learn Spiritualism.

Spirit360 Fellowship is an online metaphysical church and online community of like minds and kindred spirits seeking spiritual solutions to life’s problems.

An Ultimate Spiritual Awakening

ultimate spiritual awakening banner for easter 2022

A Spiritualist Easter 2022

Happy Easter. The one Sunday each year, I don’t have to figure out my topic. Today we talk about the Ultimate Awakening, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter is the grandest holiday in the Christian religion. So whether you have a scientific background, or you’re from a religious household, or you think it’s all poppycock, whatever it is, the man Jesus existed.

He decided 500 years after Buddha, 500 years before Muhammad, to transform the Jewish people, to be the person who fulfilled the prophecy of the Messiah to be born of the line of David to be born of a Virgin than to die, to be resurrected three days.

Except for the resurrection part, he accomplished everything in the Prophecy of the Messiah. But unfortunately, the Jews didn’t recognize Jesus as the Messiah due to a clerical error.

I don’t know about you, but my three-day weekends start on Friday. And I got Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off where they begin on Saturday, and I got Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off, but a three-day weekend starting on Friday and ending on Sunday is a two-day weekend. So in that last bit of a county where he was crucified on the Eve of the Sabbath and raised two days later on Sunday as we practice now, that’s not three days.

Jesus’ Ultimate Spiritual Awakening

So the people, the powers in charge, the authoritarian government of the Romans and the Jewish. Leaders of the Jew with Jewish faith said he wasn’t the guy. He did not intend to create Christianity, but the stories of his miracles, his works, and the stories of his ministry spread like wildfires and gave hope to those who had no hope.

So from an incarnation standpoint, he had failed. He incarnated to be the Messiah to transform the Jewish people, that Jewish religion, to bring them about to a new way of thinking to do away with the Old Testament, to introduce the new Testament. However, that didn’t happen.

Instead, Christianity was born. The consequences of that new religion that we experienced today.

But here’s the part I want you to embrace, taking on today’s topic is the ultimate. The ultimate awakening. And what the heck does that mean? It’s a life filled with purpose.

A Life of Purpose

Jesus incarnated with a single purpose, to fulfill the prophecy of the Jewish Messiah. He lived every action in his life aligned with that purpose, including a resurrection where he made his dead physical body disappear and come back in a spiritual avatar type form where he could do additional teachings to the disciples.

Now, what’s interesting. Most of the central tenants of the Christian Church did not happen while Jesus was on the earth as a Jewish rabbi. Jesus’ teachings during the few days after his resurrection.

After seeing the truth on the other side, he changed a few things. And that’s the part I want you to embrace right now. Within you is a purpose to access that purpose.

You authentically answer three questions.

When you have authentic answers to these three questions, these three answers you act provisionally. And what that means is you, you do the best you can you take the actions that are what that feels right at the moment?

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?

As you continue your meditation, you grow spiritually, finding your way to the eye of the storm, in this place of knowing, this inner sanctum.

A Profound Spiritual Connection

You connect profoundly with your Spirit-Self, the spirit you to develop your intuitive knowing.

As your knowing supersedes your instinct to survive, the answers become more apparent, refined, personal, and authentic revealing purpose.

When I was growing up, I never imagined I would be sitting here, talking with you today as a Spiritualist Minister delivering an Easter Sunday Service for an online metaphysical church I created.

Today’s future never existed until that day.

On that day, I heard the word clairvoyant. I had to know what it meant. As Bucky Fuller enjoyed saying, I “received a tap from the Universe.” That “tap” wasn’t the Universe but the Spiritual Awakening of my intuitive knowing.

After that, I started developing my intuitive, ESP, mediumship, and healing skills. Those same taps will allow you to make course adjustments along your spiritual path.

You’re Spiritually Awake, Now What?

You’re Awake Spiritually because you know there’s more to life than meets the eye. You know, there’s life after death. You know that sometimes you feel disconnected from the real world because the spiritual world beckons.

To reach your Ultimate Awakening is to discover purpose. You learn your life purpose by knowing the answers to these questions.

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?

Knowing your purpose transforms your life, informing your actions that cause your accomplishments to realize what you incarnated to experience this lifetime.

The last thing I will share this Easter 2022 is that you have no say in how the world will receive your work.

The Jews were not ready for their Messiah. So instead of transforming the Jewish Nation, Jesus’s works spread throughout the Roman Empire that covered much of the known world.

Today, as you allow yourself to understand your place in this world, then consciously create each next step to take toward where you wish to be, you too will experience the ultimate awakening.

Your Ultimate Spiritual Awakening is experiencing the fullest expression of Who you are, Why you’re here, and Where you’re going.

Purpose: Your Ultimate Spiritual Awakening

And that sense of purpose resurrects the world of possibility in your life. You attract different people. You Rediscover Spirit.

While life never becomes easy, your actions become effortless. And that effortlessness happens because you stop blocking your intuitive knowing.

Finding purpose brings forth the Ultimate Spiritual Awakening.

Happy Easter, my friends.

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