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Unity Kitchener

Office: 47 Wellington S, Cambridge, ON N1R 8N4, Canada

(519) 894-0810


Unity Kitchener emerges as a spiritually adventurous community that galvanizes members to unlock their divine potential. It stands as a positive path for spiritual living, profoundly embodied in their core values and the transformative experiences they offer.

This vibrant community firmly believes that inter-connectedness and oneness are best realized through diligent practice of prayer and meditation, underscoring that active spiritual practice is essential to foster life-altering wisdom.

This open-hearted congregation boasts an inclusive philosophy, readily extending its welcome to individuals from all religious backgrounds, creeds, sexual orientations, and social backgrounds—unequivocally affirming that there are no exceptions in their embrace.

Such diversity is cemented in Unity Kitchener’s mission to transform consciousness and empower lives, a mission that its members take to heart through participation and stewardship, crafting an environment ripe for personal growth and community engagement.

At the heart of Unity Kitchener’s communal life are the Spirit Groups. These small, intimate gatherings occur weekly, where individuals connect and journey together through discussions on spiritual topics and themes—a clear testament to their commitment to fostering deep personal connections and ongoing spiritual exploration.

Membership at Unity Kitchener is not merely about belonging but about embracing the personal journey towards the divine. Members find a profound sense of purpose and place within this spiritual fold, and they are encouraged to take ownership of their spiritual development.

Unity Kitchener also actively participates in social justice initiatives and human rights, supporting a vision to create a harmonious world—a reflection of their commitment to living out their values in practical, impactful ways.

Moreover, the community stays connected and vibrant through events like the Spirit Café Show, which engages the community via live discussions on platforms such as YouTube, maintaining an accessible connection even in a hybrid world of in-person and online presences.

In essence, Unity Kitchener is not simply a church but a beacon of spiritual unity and lived values, embracing the inner journey while seeking to impact the world positively.

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