California: Universal Spirit Center

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Universal Spirit Center

North Park Lions Club
3927 Utah St.
San Diego, CA 92104

+1 (619) 291-4728


The Universal Spirit Center welcomes all individuals seeking spiritual growth and understanding, recognizing that no single philosophy or religion can fully encompass the Infinite.

They aim to create experiences of Divine Love to foster both individual and global awakening.

The community seems to be actively involved in social justice issues, partnering with local organizations to ensure love and equality for all. For example, they collaborate with PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) to provide services to the unsheltered in San Diego.

They also have a Racial Equality Project, expressing gratitude for the support of their spiritual community in this mission.

Additionally, the Universal Spirit Center has a Global Heart Tithe Grant program, where they make grants in the name of their spiritual community to participate in the universal flow of abundance.

For families, they offer guidance on giving children a spiritual base, though no specific details were provided in the search results about these programs.

Overall, the Universal Spirit Center presents itself as a welcoming, socially engaged spiritual community that embraces diversity and focuses on fostering divine love and spiritual growth for both individuals and the wider world.

Their commitment to inclusivity, social justice, and global awakening appears to be central to their identity and mission.

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