Washington: Camp Edgewood

Camp Edgewood - 1228 26th Ave Ct, Milton, WA 98534 United States

Camp Edgewood, NSAC

1228 26th Avenue Court Milton, Washington 98534

(253) 431-4103


Camp Edgewood, NSAC is an organization that offers spiritual services, events, and community engagement activities in the United States. The organization believes that the physical and spiritual phenomena are the expression of Infinite Intelligence. They provide a variety of programs highlighting Spiritualism, Psychic Development, Meditation, and Spiritual Healing.

The church offers weekly services and educational opportunities that include Psychic and Etheric Surgery, Spiritual Anatomy, and Physical Mediumship Séances, among others. Psychic and Etheric Surgery is a healing modality that emphasizes a combination of physical and spiritual therapies. 

Spiritual Anatomy aims to develop the spiritual awareness and sensitivity required for individuals to create a deeper relationship with their spiritual selves.

The church’s mediumship development courses provide a supportive community to explore and develop Psychic and Healing Abilities. Experienced mediumship instructors provide personalized guidance to those interested in developing their skills in mediumship, healing, and clairvoyance.

Camp Edgewood, NSAC conducts several community events hosted by renowned Spiritualist ministers. These events include Physical Mediumship Séances and private readings with highly experienced and recognized Spiritualist mediums, Reverend Stephen Hermann and Reverend Lorraine Radice.

The church is open to an extensive range of demographics, catering, especially to old souls, empaths, and extremely sensitive persons who are seeking to find their voice, power, and confidence by developing and displaying their undeniable psychic and healing abilities. Besides, the church provides a supportive and inclusive community that values diversity and caters to a broad spectrum of spiritual beliefs.

In summary, Camp Edgewood, NSAC is a spiritual organization that caters to old souls, empaths, and sensitive persons interested in psychic development, spiritual healing, and metaphysical studies. The organization provides a supportive and inclusive community that values diversity and provides a nurturing environment for individuals to grow spiritually. 

Their activities range from weekly services to mediumship development programs and private readings, and events that provide authentic experiences in physical mediumship séances.

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