What Is The GOD Frequency? The #1 Key to Happiness

theStoicedium explains the god frequency and how you can use it to speed your spiritual growth and development
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What Is The GOD Frequency

When pondering “What Is The GOD Frequency” and how you can use it to master your psychic and healing abilities for your highest and best good and that of others.

This week’s spiritual lesson is G is for God but more specifically, what is the God Frequency? And I think the answer will surprise you.

Well, at least surprise the physical you.

The Spirit You already knows this answer, doesn’t it?

If you want to meet God, meet your maker before you die, this video will help you do just that.

But we’re not talking about the God of religion. No, we’re talking about that God.

We’re talking abt the God Jesus described in John 4:24, “God is Spirit.”

But not a spirit without, but your Spirit within.

Welcome to the Spirit360 Fellowship. We are an online spiritual community. We practice Spiritualism, but not your grandma’s Spiritualism.

We focus on the practices that will help you meet God come face to face with your maker, your creator.

By so doing, helping you find spiritual solutions to your life’s problems,

I’m TS Hall, @theStoicMedium, the Spiritual Director at the Spirit360 Fellowship and the Headmaster at the Old Soul Academy, our online spiritual school for the psychic and healing arts.

We train old souls, Empaths, and highly sensitive people (HSPs) to master their psychic and healing abilities, to learn the language of Spirit.

Because I know that once you learn the language of Spirit, the language of energy and vibrations, you will start finding spiritual solutions to your life’s problems.

And that’s our mission: to empower you to accomplish what you incarnated to bring about this lifetime while creating some magnificent memories along the way.

We’re glad you found us. If what we’re saying rings true. If it feels right, join our spiritual community of like-minds and kindred spirits as we walk individual but parallel paths to spiritual perfection or Nirvana.

What is the God Frequency?

What is the God Frequency is such an odd question for someone who’s meditated and taught spirituality and the psychic and healing arts for the last 30 years.

spiritualism offers the spiritual tools and practice for HSPa & intuitive-feelers to rediscover their God Frequency

I say this because God Frequency is you, your frequency, your vibration, the very essence of the spiritual you.

Rediscovering our spiritual essence is the “Why” for mastering our spiritual practices, so we meet our maker, our creator, our Spirit-Self

Your spiritual experiences during this lifetime build upon your experience from your previous lifetimes. These experiences make you an Old Soul and have led you here, today, this moment.

As Jesus said, “God is Spirit.”

For a Spiritualist, it’s easy to interpret this as meaning our Spirit Guides and Teachers, our friends on the spirit-side, who have chosen to be with us, our loved ones who hang around with us as we walk this three-dimensional path.

But as we dig deeper into our self-understanding. As we practice eliminating the delusions of our outward senses, to perceive life using our spiritual senses, the more we realize that the “Spirit” Jesus referred to was our Spirit-Self.

Our Spirit-Self is your “I AM,” the spiritual essence of who we are. The part of us that will transcend and continue to exist beyond the death of our physical body.

By mastering spiritual practice, we expand our spiritual awareness piercing the veils of delusion that prevent us from connecting with our Spirit-Selves, our God Frequency.

As we say in Reverend Bradley’s request, we open the spiritual eyes of your soul to perceive those things spiritually.

As we learn to connect with and trust our God Frequency, our intuitive knowing, and spiritual senses, we eliminate the delusions from our physical senses, which is the intention of spiritual growth and development practices.

We begin to know our next step, where that step will lead, and eliminate surprises in life, eliminating most of life’s drama.

We connect with the GOD FREQUENCY, on-command, coming face-to-face with God daily through our meditation and spiritual practices.

We learn to walk with God mindfully, always connected with our Spirit-Selves accepting things as they are.

It becomes easier to give up how you think things should be and create an experience of being alive best described as Heaven on Earth.

Free From The Hell of Drama

We more effortlessly master a few simple spiritual practices and find the spiritual solutions that make walking our path this lifetime a journey on purpose.

The path within is the “straight and narrow” or middle path referred to by many spiritual masters. The way to rediscover your God Frequency is to recognize your vibration, the essence of your Spirit-Self.

Doing so creates more harmony, happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life.

You begin creating your life. You start thriving.

Every idea and ideal you’ve had before the moment you experience your God Frequency gets recontextualized as you bring to the foreground your spiritual nature.

In the comment section below, please share your experiences of rediscovering your God Frequency and coming face-to-face with your maker.

Stay Spirit Strong!

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