Why Do I Attract Toxic People

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why do i attract toxic people
August 1, 2021

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One of life’s biggest mysteries is understanding…

“Why I Attract Toxic People?”

When you’re up to your ass in “Karens,” it’s hard to remember that your objective is to love unconditionally.

Today we look at ways to Stop Attracting Toxic People.

Types of Toxic People

  • Energy Vampires.
  • Debbie Downers.
  • Drew Downers.
  • Narcissists.
  • Whiners
  • Complainers
  • Dominators
  • Bullies
  • Passive Aggressives
  • Naysayers
  • Dream Killers
  • Control Freaks

The most toxic people want to dominate and control everything they touch. I call these types of poisonous people overtly damaging.

These toxic avengers make good and darn sure everybody and everything is within their control. If you’re unwilling to accept their demands and manipulations, they make your life a living hell.

Like Attracts Like

As spiritual people who are also sensitive, empaths, intuitives, and old souls, there’s a nasty little secret we like to forget.

We’re responsible for attracting those toxic people into our life.

Whether the toxicity is a situation, relationship, or job, there are three possibilities for how and why we attract toxic people into our lives.

FIRST: Physical Attraction.

They have a pretty face or a hot body, and you wanted to get to know them, so you disregarded any red flags that indicated this might not be a good idea.

SECOND: For the Insurance, roof, car.

Security and survival are core instinctual needs hardwired into our programming as human animals. To ensure our survival, we tolerate toxicity in our lives as a security and safety failsafe.

We justify our misery because we need insurance, a roof over our heads, food on the table. The devil we know.

THIRD: We’re Covertly Toxic
The world is dangerous for HSPs, intuitives, and empaths. If we dare to express displeasure or anger, we fear retribution. So we hide our true feelings behind pleasant demeanors.

Our buried feelings make us inwardly just as toxic as the overt folks we can’t tolerate.

We suffer in silence, wallowing in our juices, internalizing our anger and hatred until we explode. Covert toxicity is still toxic, only quieter.

Like attracts like. Toxic attracts toxic.

When I’m asking, “How to deal with toxic people,” during a spiritual counseling session, my answer is always the same… “Learn to Stop Attracting Toxic People.”

This week, allow yourself to examine the toxic situations in your life and why you let the toxicity into your life.

Once you see why you’re in a situation, the next step, and this is the part that you’re not going to align, but as the path to freedom, you have to be willing, have to be ready to see how you are responsible for causing and creating that in your own.

How you are responsible for causing and creating that in your life.

Now there’s this straightforward process to do this. The simple is simple, yet not at all easy.

Take a deep breath. As you take this breath and pick one area of your life, one domain you want to be rid of toxicity.

And as you hold that area in your mind’s eye, recall the event, was it physical attraction, a security resolution, or some part of you that attracted them?

Now start the 3-RS Practice:

  • Right Meditation
  • Right Thought
  • Right Action
meditation repels toxic people

Right Meditation quiets your mind and calms your emotions.

After Right Meditation, your mind is at the threshold between your body and spirit and can better see things as they are.

In this place, take a deep breath, asking if this is the right time to change this circumstance?

The answer is either yes, no, or maybe.

If yes, then put together the plan to change things.

If no, you bless and leave it, accept the circumstance, and then set a calendar reminder to revisit the topic in 90 days.

If maybe, then we have a dilemma. First, you have to do the deep work of allowing yourself to uncover your spiritual, intuitive, and inner knowing about the problem covert hostility and toxicity solve for you.

So if it’s a, maybe then you do daily work, you drill down, you journal, you start to find the sources of the behavior.

And the awareness, the vibration, that thinking that keeps on attracting toxic people into your life. And as you do that work, one fascinating thing happens. You become responsible for who you are, and as you become responsible for who you are, and you choose consciously to be someone different shift, the way of your thinking, consciously created.

As you consciously reexamine your life, you start attracting different people who are less toxic.

Be aware that these inner changes often feel like getting a brand new pair of dress shoes. Uncomfortable until you break them in.

Anytime you try something different, it takes a little bit of conscious will to do the work to break in what’s new in your life.

Because when you start attracting non-toxic people, life starts getting boring. You may start missing the uncertainty and drama.

Harmony, peace of mind, wellbeing are yours to create.

The path is simple: Right Meditation, Right Thought, Right Action.

Taking the right actions causes good karma.

You’ll find out that your very best friend from a distance has been pulling for you to see this truth.

And they’ve been wanting you to get into a new relationship or a different job, or find the peace of mind of allowing yourself to detox, whatever part within you keeps attracting that keeps attracting jerks and unpleasant circumstances.

The part that is difficult to grasp and comprehend. Responsible does not mean at fault.

It’s simply being willing to look at the circumstances as they really are and own your role, your participation in the event.

You may notice your current job, relationship, circumstance transforms because you’re no longer putting out the covert vibrations that attract overt toxicity.

Life intentionally shifts. You realize why it is you chose that job in the first place.

You recognize the thoughts and actions that attracted the toxic relationship.

Your mind is quiet, and your mind begins to recognize what your spirit knows about life circumstances, jobs, people, your future.

Once you detox your thinking, harmonious things are sure to happen because you consciously take the actions that make your life a reflection of your inner values and what you hold to be true.

My highest blessings.

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