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Your Daily Journal — Future Now

Today’s topic is a future now journal, and each of us has within ourselves the power to create an experience of living and life of our choosing.

We do this through our spiritual growth and development practices and a future now journal. We began this in January by creating a vision of 2023, our goals, ambitions, and everything we wanted to accomplish, and we wrote a December 31st, 2023 in Your Daily Journal to create your Future Now.

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March 05, 2023

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Creating Your Best Year Ever

Everything we wanted to create, we visualized it, we felt it, and we converted it into a way of being. And I’ve been doing this for the last several years, and this week I found something that needed to be added. As you all know, I’ve been trying to complete the courses for Old Soul Academy, but I still need courses.

Some little things, but not the core main course I’ve been seeking to create. And it’s in the process of doing the future now, and then my goal is to have the first course in the CAN is Tuesday and published by Thursday. And I’m getting close, but I still don’t have it. I saw something missing. So to.

Be — Do — Have

You have health goals, housing and home goals, work goals, romance goals, finance goals, and spiritual goals. So you have all these things you want to bring about and accomplish, and it’s all around the new year, and how do we keep these alive and achieve what we want?

So that’s the work we started in January. We are revisiting the topic once each month to create our monthly goals so that when we get together on December 31st, or the last Sunday in 2023, we can look in the mirror and tell the person we find there, wow, I did it, my best year ever.

So you have a goal in your daily journal. I have the ideal body weight. I have the perfect work job. I have the ideal finances. So then you convert that to a feeling, and then you convert that feeling to a way of being expressed as a doingness.

Start Getting Unstuck

So if I had the right body weight, I would do this, and I could experience this and have fun.

And all of these ways of being are perfect, except something still needs to be added. So you do the same thing for your March 31st goals, and then you do the work during March, and then we reconcile at the end of the month. And what I realized after I had the experience of connecting with Gene several weeks ago and shifting my way of understanding things, that being a perfectionist, I was operating at a level insufficient to get the job done.

And what the heck was going on? How do I change this? How do I get this damn course done? How do I take the school? And create it and launch it so we can help more people find spiritual solutions to life’s problems. 

Then, Bam. I remember our friend Albert Einstein and Mr. Einstein said that a problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking and understanding that caused the problem.

And throughout my life, I’ve understood this, but I was missing a key component. I was operating in a rational, logical, analytical, perfectionistic, linear fashion. But, as I was trained as an engineer, everything I was doing was in the physical realm of doing this, being this, having this solving problem at this level, and we can do this in your daily journal.

And occasionally, I would dip into the spiritual realm to do my spiritual stuff. But what was missing? And what I saw on Thursday, which changed everything, was an integration into my day-to-day experience of completely being connected with Spirit.

Right Effort

The best way I can describe this process is we have the Three Rs: Right Meditation, Right Thought, and Right Action. So it’s the process we use here. Well, right thought can be broken down into Buddha’s eightfold path. And I realized that I was doing a lot of action, but I was disregarding Right Effort, and the right effort is doing what you’re doing at the moment inspired by intuition.

Trusting the outcome will be there. I was so focused on the results. I could not release my actions to produce the desired result. So I was trying to control everything. I was forceful with myself, intolerant, and unwilling to allow myself to do anything besides perfection.

And my perfect ideal project in my mind has yet to be launched. So when I started, I visited, went out, and I saw this thing about Right Effort, and it hit me differently. Right Effort is a breakthrough in intuitiveness. It’s a breakthrough of intuitive minds. You’ve got your creative mind. You’ve reached your rationale.

Three Part Harmony

You’ve got your creative and rational brains, the two sides of your brain, and then you’ve got your intuitive mind. Now in I, in my spiritual practices, in my healing practices, I go there all the time. When I’m here, 80% of I’m here. I’m in that intuitive part of my brain.

The other, you know, hours of the week, the 160 plus hours a week, I’m not in the intuitive. I’m in the doing this moment, and I am not accessing intuitive insight and intuitively integrating my intuitions into my day-to-day moment-by-moment practices.

When you do then, be sure to take note of them in your daily journal.

Now, I just learned this. I was busy doing so much. So I wasn’t in the realm of being this, and I certainly wasn’t having my being this informed by my intuitiveness.

If you recall, we have a saying, which you may have heard me say many times, be still and no, and this is about where I get stuck in the course I’ve been doing in this realm. So how do I articulate and create this?

So I was trying to learn this distinction, this way of being about being still and knowing, physically waiting for the physical results to show up instead, rather than knowing intuitively.

Now, I’m about to say this effortless but profound thing. Spirit360° Spiritual Awareness includes spirit. Spirit is energy. Energy is our way of connecting. That’s the oneness of the universe. That’s the insight that allows us to have. So Namaste the spirit, me recognize the spirit in you.

the Language of Spirit

Energy is how our minds can momentarily touch another sense that we experience. If you watched a video of Gene and me a few weeks ago, I was not allowing my intuitiveness. To connect with my intellect, stop trying to write, program, and record the course.

Once I allowed myself to consider and access the right effort, I quit trying to write the course and started writing the system.

I got out of my way, trusting that the procedure would be the course and the course would be as perfect as possible.

And then, just as if I were healing you or someone else, I bless every action I take and leave it to its resources. This is a brand new open topic for me. I am very uncomfortable with it. I need to gain skills in this area. So, during March, we will be exploring spirituality in practice.

How do we bring spirituality into our day-to-day living practice to be informed by our intuitive knowing, our E S P, and our mediumship for any area we want to create a result? As such, this month, we will have two different futures. Now 20, 23 best-year topics. I’m changing it from the first Sunday of the month to the last Sunday.

And because I’m doing it in March, you’ve got one on Sunday, the first Sunday, and we’ll have one on the last Sunday. Because we at each one of these, we create our next month’s goals. So we complete the previous month’s goals and start to create an experience of life for ourselves.

Your Best Year Ever

That will be the best year ever. So after creating your physical ways of being your physical goals, I have these financial goals, these house goals.

So we’re going to dig more deeply this month and touch into the spiritual experience of the essence, the vibration, the energy of that, rather than just the mental projection and thinking of it.

So this is the next pass on 360° Spiritual Awareness. Now, for many of you, this may be duh. You know that you don’t know why I’m so struggling with it.

Well, the reason I’m working with it is that I’m struggling with it. It has been a blind spot for me. And until you get an insight into the blind spot, everybody can see your blind spot except for you.

360° Spiritual Awareness

This week, I got a sense of the blind spot. I was able to see it and bring it around to the front of my conscious mind instead of being buried in my unconscious and subconscious minds.

And now, I’m able to consciously process it and do the work of growing spiritually to get the results and experience in life I want.

However, you perceive and understand what I just said, realize that in the areas of life where you may feel stuck, you are stuck because you’ve got something tucked away in a blind spot, which you haven’t shown, that you haven’t exposed in the light of 360° Spiritual Awareness in your daily journal.

Once you spotlight it with a commitment and intention to fulfill it, change it, and transform it. Anything becomes possible.

My highest blessings.

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