Spirit360 Fellowship is a Church for the Spiritual But Not Religious

Find Spiritual Solutions To Life's Problems

Rediscover Spirit ♥ Know Your Truth ♥ Live Life Fully

Do You Somehow Know There's More to Life Than Meets The Eye? Yeah, us too.

Sunday Service via Zoom Meditation ∞ Healing ∞ Messages

Our interactive, online Spiritualist Church Services include: Stillness Meditation + Guided Healing Visualization + an Absence Healing Service + a Spiritualist Messages Service.

Two service Times: 7:30 & 10:30 AM, Pacific

Sunday's Talk

Messages Circle Get a message ∞ Ask a question

During our first Wednesday Spiritualist Messages Circle, attendees are offered a message from our Spirit Guides and Teachers and may also ask a question.

Two service times: 4:30 & 7:30 PM, Pacific

But there's a problem. Most spiritual teachings simply don't ring true.

That's because spiritual truth is hidden away beyond a veil of delusion.

Spirit360 Fellowship Is a Community of Kindred Spirits As old souls, empaths & hyper-sensitive persons, we're each on a spiritual quest to find answers. Answers that feel right and helps up live a better life.

Together We Rediscover Spirit, Find Purpose & Start Thriving.

You're Invited to Attend our Online Spiritualist Church Services

See for yourself if Spiritualism (the Philosophy) is the right path for your spiritual journey this lifetime.