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We're An Online Spiritualist Church

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Do You Somehow Know There's More to Life Than Meets The Eye? Yeah, us too. If you're seeking Spiritual Answers, our Online Spiritual Community of like minds and kindred spirits is on a quest to find Spiritual Solutions to life's problems.

Online Church Services Meditation ∞ Healing ∞ Messages

Two Sunday Service Times: 7:30 & 10:30 AM, Pacific

Our interactive, online Spiritualist Church Services include: Stillness Meditation + Guided Healing Visualization + an Absence Healing Service + a Spirit Guide Messages Service.


Spiritual Lessons & Practices

Readings Day Fundraiser $1/minute private readings

Third Wednesday: Private 10-minute readings for $10

During our third Wednesday mini-readings day fundraiser, you get a actionable spiritual guidance from your spirit guides and teachers facilitated by TS Hall, @theStoicMedium.

But there's a problem. Most spiritual teachings simply don't ring true.

That's because spiritual truth is hidden away beyond a veil of delusion.

Spirit360 Fellowship Is a Community of Kindred Spirits As old souls, empaths & hyper-sensitive persons, we're each on a spiritual quest to find answers. Answers that feel right and helps up live a better life.

Together We Rediscover Spirit, Find Purpose & Start Thriving.

You're Invited to Attend our Online Spiritualist Church Services

See for yourself if Spiritualism (the Philosophy) is the right path for your spiritual journey this lifetime.