Welcome to Spirit360 Fellowship

We’re an Online Spiritualist Church

We help spiritual, but not religious, seekers & skeptics Rediscover Spirit, Find Purpose, and Thrive.

We’re an online spiritual community of…


Empaths are gifted intuitives who with proper training make great healers.

Old Souls

Old souls some how know there’s more to life than meets the eye.


Highly Sensitive People experience peace with these spiritual practices.

intuitive feelers find answers at spirit360 fellowship


As an INFP, our Spiritual Director naturally attracts introverts.

We help your start thriving by teaching you how to develop your psychic and healing abilities into verifiable skills that you can display on-command.

stillness meditation at spirit360 fellowship


We teach and practice a zazen style of stillness meditation because it clears the mind quickly.

spiritual healing at spirit360 fellowship


We teach and practice Spiritual Healing of self and others as an unconditionally loving act.

mediumship at spirit360 fellowship


We teach and practice Actionable Spiritual Guidance and Mediumship.

spiritualism at spirit360 fellowship


We teach and practice Spiritualism as a Philosophy and not a religion.