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Discover spiritual solutions that help you thrive in a chaotic world.

We help spiritual, but not religious seekers & skeptics find answers.

Rediscover Spirit ❤️ Find Purpose ❤️ Be Happy

Spirit360 Fellowship offers you four spiritual growth paths…

  • In the Chapel, access live online Spiritual Church services and connect with our tribe. Learn more.
  • In the Zendo: access live online psychic and healing classes that train you in the psychic and healing arts. Learn more.
  • In the Academy: access on-demand classes and workshops to assist you along your spiritual growth journey this life-time (we’re launching soon). Learn more.
  • Our Mentoring: helps you EXCELerate your spiritual growth and progression with private readings, spiritual counseling, personal instruction, and/or individual mentorship. Learn more.

We’re an online spiritual community of…


Empaths are gifted intuitives who, with proper training, make powerful healers.

Old Souls

Old souls some how know there’s more to life than meets the eye and compelled to learn.


Highly Sensitive People find protection and peace by mastering these spiritual practices.

intuitive feelers find answers at spirit360 fellowship


As an INFP, our Spiritual Director, TS Hall, attracts introverts and Intuitive-Feelers.

We help you thrive by teaching you to develop your psychic and healing abilities into verifiable skills you can display, on-demand, when you need them most.

stillness meditation at spirit360 fellowship


We teach and practice a zazen style of stillness meditation, because it clears the mind quickly.

spiritual healing at spirit360 fellowship


We teach and practice Spiritual Healing, of self and others, as an act of unconditional love.

mediumship at spirit360 fellowship


We teach and practice Actionable Spiritual Guidance and Mediumship.

spiritualism at spirit360 fellowship


We are non-denominational and teach and practice Spirit360 Spiritualism.